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The Koala Plastic Polish did incredible things with my 1972 Gibson guitar that had overspray, it no longer looks like an overspray guitar. It looks looks like a factory first. No swirls in the finish. Its beautiful.

People think its brand new.

James Martin- Blaine, MN


Took the hazing out of the dash cluster on my 1970 Buick GS. Now it looks like brand new!

Dwayne Heckman       Morton, PA


As a furniture repairman, I have come to depend on Koala Plastic Polish. Scratched clear coats are no longer a problem in furniture. I used to sand the damaged clear coat and the re-clear. No more! Just cut out the scratches, scuffs and abrasions with Koala Plastic polish and move on to the next job. Quick money!

Charlie Holec      Loganville, GA


My Ford F-350 truck factory clear coat was scratched and I was taking it to a truck show in Bloomsburg, PA. I tried waxing it out. NOTHING! I tried Koala Plastic Polish and in 5 minutes, done!! Couldn't even detect a mark. A year later, still perfect.

Jamie Austin      Morgantown, PA


I purchased an old Porsche 930 that was sitting under a blue tarp. Needless to say, the finish was trashed, or so I thought. First I tried to resurrect the gloss with a finishing compound. That just made the entire finish look like it was sanded with 1500 grit. Then as a last ditch effort, I tried Koala Plastic Polish since the paint is acrylic. The paint came out like NEW. I didn't even have to wax it to get a perfect finish!

Bill Ridge      Chester Springs, PA


Thanks for your products. I was assigned a job to clean the awnings of our building. We cleaned them with bleach and then ordered the Koala Sealer to protect the "clean" awnings. We also purchased on bottle of Koala Kamikaze for a mildew problem we had in one area. Upon using the Koala Kamikaze, we found out what "clean" really is. WOW! Did those awnings come up great! Then we sealed them to protect them from the mildew and acid rain problems. They look like new! Thanks for a great product.

Ricky Clay        Columbia, TN


I have 3 cars I use Koala products on. A 1989 Mustang convertible with a white top that looks new. A 1968 Chrysler with a black convertible top that has a deep rich gloss from the Koala Sealer. I also have 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger Hardtop that has a dark green vinyl roof. I tried Armor All on it but that product just ran off and didn't last. Then I tried the Koala products. My top has a gloss just like new and the sealer doesn't wash away!

Mark Polk     Newport News, VA


Koala Convertible Top Cleaner & Sealer kept the white top on my 1971 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible like new. No graying, no black streaking problems.

Alex Gilfillan      Thorndale, PA


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