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The application of this product is for nylon and polyester textiles that are exposed to heat and are exposed to the elements. The original and primary development purpose of Koala #25 is for the re-coating of hot air balloon fabric after the original coating has deteriorated.

KoalaCoat #25 is a specially engineered anti-porosity coating for textiles. With phenomenal characteristics, it is unlike anything else in its field, period. No other balloon textile coating has the same thermal characteristics (testing shows Koala 25 withstands temperatures of 600 degrees F), elongation (minimum 250%), bonding (wicks completely around every fiber on the thread) AND is FAA approved.

Read the information about how the product came to be and installation instructions. Then if you have any questions, give us a call or e-mail. If you would like small samples of treated fabric plus a sample of cured coating, just send us a self addressed envelope with a stamp on it. We will get it out right away.


Koala Coat #25 Information online--
Product Information and Pricing Application Instructions Independent Fabric Studies
FAA Approval FAQ's Legal Stuff

Plastic Cleaners are designed for vinyl and cloth. They will clean convertible and vinyl tops removing even mildew.  Plastic Sealer restores gloss and helps protect from the elements for long periods of time.  Koala Plastic Polish is NOT A SILICONE, it REMOVES SCRATCHES.

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