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Koala Plastic Polish can save you tons of cash! Think about this example. You could replace those expensive headlight covers on your car. You know how they get foggy after a couple years? Between the abrading from the road grime, the heat cycling from the light bulbs and the general aging, these covers are doomed from the day the vehicle hits the road. Use Koala Plastic polish on these lens covers and save a couple hundred bucks!!

Before and After photos

Koala Plastic Polish also works great on hundreds of other products. Make sure you click on the bottle to the right to see just a few of them.


Koala Plastic Polish- fixes doesn't fill.

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Our signature product.

Let me tell you, this stuff is amazing. 

Originally formulated as a haze remover for plastic windows in the back of convertible

 tops, Koala Polish has turned out to remove scratches and haze from a variety of

 products. Click on the picture above and get a partial listing of what we can fix.

Koala Plastic Polish is great for restoration of scratches and hazy plastic products. Koala

 Plastic Polish removes, does not fill (like our competitors) these signs of age and wear.

 Koala Plastic Polish works on all kinds of plastics including modern day paints, coatings,

 vinyl, acrylics, urethanes and fiberglass gel coats.


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