Plastic Polish- Before and After photos. Prepare to be amazed!

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This motorcycle fender is several years old. The top surface of this ABS plastic has aged so bad that it can be scratched with a fingernail! The top 10 mils of the plastic are completely shot. Can it be fixed?

First, we wet sanded it with 400 grit paper to clean off the aged material.

Then, after the old material was removed, we are left with 400 grit scratches. Then, we wet sanded with 800 grit, then 1500 grit wet sand paper to finish it off.

Finally, we machine buffed with Koala Plastic Polish.

Now, if the fender is still available, it may be easier just to purchase a new one. But if it isnít or you would prefer to keep the original equipment, what other options are available?




Raw unfinished side of a slab of Corian

Same piece after hitting it with Koala Plastic Polish and a buffer.


Jaguar tail-light lens before Koala Plastic Polish.

Same Jaguar tail-light lens after Koala Plastic Polish.


We took a brand new piece of  Plexiglas (a Dupont trade name) and stripped back the protection paper. Then, it was abraded with ScotchBrite (a 3M product which is the equivalent of 320 grit sandpaper). Note how hazy it is.

Then we buffed it with an electric buffer and Koala Plastic Polish. Look, OPTICALLY CLEAR!!

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