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Recently, we had someone ask us for some before and after photos of how Koala Vinyl Cleaner would work on their convertible Mustang. Well, Barry just couldn't resist. We went and got his 'sample' from the back yard. Turns out he put it there about 2 years ago for just the right moment. Here it is.


Click on the pics for a larger view.

Editors note: If your top looks like this one, get a new car. It is too far gone.



Sitting here for 2 years, this top is shot! We pulled it out of the snow for this test. It is mildewed, dirty, sun worn, and generally not something anyone would put on their car ever again, but it will be great to illustrate Koala Kamikaze Cleaner.

And another. Time to go inside to thaw.

The mid section of this photo is what we are going to clean. There is lots of dirt, grime, mildew, and general mayhem.




Ok, looks like this is going to be a job for Kamikaze!


We put on some Kamikaze and let it soak for a couple of minutes and scrub again.


And again.


Ewww... That is the rinse cycle..


Mildew gone, dirt gone. Grime, a memory.






The history of this top is not known. It seemed to have some kind of coating on it or had been cleaned and it left some kind of residue that was rock hard.

Soaking vinyl for long periods of time is something we don't recommend. This was merely to demonstrate the potential of the product.

On a top with normal wear and tear and some mildew we expect you to be thrilled with the improvement you will see if you use Koala Cleaners.


Plastic Cleaners are designed for vinyl and cloth. They will clean convertible and vinyl tops removing even mildew.  Plastic Sealer restores gloss and helps protect from the elements for long periods of time.  Koala Plastic Polish is NOT A SILICONE, it REMOVES SCRATCHES.

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